Treasure Chest

by Derdy




released July 2, 2014



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DerdyPK Dexter, Maine

Still derdy as ever

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Track Name: I Don't Wanna Party (Isolation)
I don't care, I'm never leaving the crib
even if this house on fire or if I'm meeting a bitch
you're probably slaving away @ work while I'm eating a bag of chips
or even getting ready school while I can sleep past 6
eat snack mix, & get a chance to do a bunch of this n that
how else you think I'd get so sick with the raps?
I get to sit my ass, stay in bed everyday & night
& throw a middle finger up to what you say is right
no one can hang mike, except a fine bitch of course
and if that's the case, you coming to my crib you whore
cause I got 4 tvs & about 2 chains
could rock a few more but that shits too insane
straight perpostursese, I really don't need it
I just wanna make sure the bongs packed so i can stay weeded
have a great day & keep it the same way straight repeat it
cause this world could burn away while i'm catching some sleep quick

I don't care, I'm never leaving the house
don't care if the sun is out or someone got a gun in my mouth
fuck you people on about? is everybody tripping?
I need to go out more? once again is you kidding?
I'm trying stash away these writtens inside the treasure chest
cause with the tracks I'v been kicking i'm getting better yes
so don't worry bout me, you should never stress
just take a rip from the bong n feel extra blessed
that we can live in a world so pretty n so big
in fact it looks so good you better gimme that shit
I'm tryinga take this bitch over from you twat squashes
why you standing there still? rock on bitch!!!!
I can't dance though, I just move my hands
so throw yours in the sky girl tell me who's the man?
continue to jam, I'll be over here chilling
on my fuck everybody swag, hands up to the ceiling
Track Name: Derdy2Dope Charles Dilla Shit
wish you could lay with me, straight blaze the weed
come & stay with me, show me what romance is PLEASE!
help me live my life like these fantasies
that i'm having real quick cause ya mans asleep
all alone with no one here to jam to beats
help me get some inspiration but ya mans a creep
still I ball with 3chainz & 4tvs
but i'm fiening for some love can you gimme more please?
I ain't making no cheese, ain't really getting much props now
ain't get love from hoes, they ain't respecting me, not now
they never did but still i'm fresh like once the philllies lit
when that stench in the air, you take a rip & it really hits
I'll have you bugging out quick to do some wild shit
you only yolo once though, so crack a smile bitch
gimme more of that love, come & spoon with me right now
we'll be chillin with the bass up, vibin' with the lights down
you know what Mike's about, sex, drugs, rock & roll
phat freestyles from from whoever got the soul
whoever got the funk, whoever got the groove
whoever makes the ladies drop down & pop a move
& it's my time to shine, can try n bring the kid down
your better off cracking a lid & hitting the spliff pal
i'll fuckin die for this music right here & now
i been holdin' it down for years that's why don't fear youclowns
I been an insane clown without the face paint
gathering with jugglos & fine lettes as we blaze dank
fuck with spray paint, play jet set radio
on the original xbox every time I lay the flow
kicking verses when i can on some other shit
with Charles Dilla on the beat in the mothership
we got the world premier, roll a blunt up quick
open up that treasure chest you wanna hear something' sick